Hi guys!
Its been a day. I guess. I’m still counting down to that very day that i get out of this trap called school. Well that’s not why I’m writing. This post has a different direction and somehow has to do with me announcing something i have zero idea about.
I’ve been seeing supernatural lately, well from the very first season (don’t blame me) and i was wondering how life would be if i hunted ghost and demons. Truth is, I’m terrified of the dark (mind you, I’m not scared) so how in God’s name, will i make a decision to hunt spirits and demons when I’m just a man.
Have you ever had the time to think how it would be if you had eyes to see the creatures of the Dark (spirits)? Well i have, i just did, I’ve been on it and I’m giving up on that ghost thought.
After seeing ghost busters, i had reasons to believe that ghosts aren’t so scary but then i saw other vampire related movies and I’m convinced that nothing looks a little scary. They’re all incredibly scary and requires a scream every single time they are seen.
That aside. I was involved in a FIFA tournament and i lost all my matches but ended up being the fourth out of six teams. That’s an improvement. I’m very sure the picture attached to this post has nothing to do with what I’m saying right now. Oh well, thanks for dropping by my blog and feel free to comment what terrifies you the most 🙂

That Mayniac

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