Hi guys!
Due to serious power disappearance, i was unable to post yesterday but, I’m here now.

You see, in life, people tend to always talk about our rise, our fall and a lot of events that never happened in our life. Life would have been a lot easier if people would mind their own business. But fortunately, they can’t. Let me tell you why you should care less about their stories.

1. Truth is, you give people what to say about you. People are always gonna judge you by your first good or bad impression. So if you’re okay with everything you do, then “LET THEM RUN THEIR MOUTH”

2. You can’t brag about everything in your life, neither can you talk about everything. So, let them help you with that part.

3. If your ear is down and you always allow what people say get to you, you’re gonna beat yourself down for a reason that isn’t worth it. And this is because after getting yourself depressed and in rage, they’re still not going to stop talking about you.

4. What people say, has a major role to play in your reputation so make sure you give them a great story. Doing this makes you invisible.

Mind you, caring less doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care at all. Here’s a few things you should consider.

1. People will say things about you based on the things you’ve done and in most cases, its a much “better” story than the real one.

2. Not everyone would wanna get to know you so if the wrong thing has been said about you, it may live for ever.

3. People are watching you every minute, ready to make up a story from your mistakes so be careful and at the same time, be yourself. Who’s going to love you will love you for you.

The truth is, people are going to say a lot of crap about you no matter what you do. And if you care, your gonna get angry and waste a lot of hours in your life thinking about it. But if you let it go, you can use that “Anger” time to work on something better. So stop worrying or caring.
Stay Awesome Guys!!!

That Mayniac

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