I have just few weeks left in school and i still feel my presence in school is a total waste. I don’t know why but all the posts i have been seeing on facebook has been relating to the struggle of being a student. I’m a practical example of an Imaginary dropout who’s still in school. Take it or leave it, my four years in school has been a total waste. Well, all is well.

I’m chilling in class with a few of my friends and somehow, we’re talking about how it all started. I don’t think i have the strength to write all of that here. Well, that is that.

I lost access to my old blog and here i am, starting again, trying to regain my old audiences. Its painful, but its worth it.

I started with how much i hate being in school, and now I’m on the “I Lost Access To My Blog” rant. I’ll just stop here and try to perfectly plan the rest of my post. This time, I’m gonna try to post every day. 

That Mayniac


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