Everyone has their definition of networking but mine is easy. Its a community of smart people like yourself.
People often ignore the fact that they need others not as slaves but as partners to be an effective leader.
No one is an island of it’s own. You need peoples support, knowledge and humility to be able to achieve anything.

Having a Network or community of people helps you get smarter, faster and effectively achieve goals. It also helps with a great flow of information.

Leadership on its own is respect, and respect is reciprocal.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to grow a network.


“The people you fear are not the same as the people you respect” _That Mayniac

1. You need to earn the respect of people by respecting them.

2. You need to reach out to people (Humility)

3. Keeping in touch may be the hardest thing to do, but its the best way to keep a good community

4. Be ready to learn – understand that you’re only human and you’re not always right.

5. Listen to everyone even when they’re wrong. And learn to correct without causing a fight.



    • You have to develop the habit… I had that issue too… But i started by texting and forced myself to start calling at least once every week.

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