In my dad’s hearth, he has done a great thing by sending his kids to school to study. Funny, his son isn’t doing very well in school (by his son, I mean myself). It took me time to realize but at the end, i did. School may have been an amazing investment, but not for me.

I didn’t do well in school as a result of me not caring about school or the idea of even waking up listening to people and obeying rules. But it took me time to realize that the so called educational system is flawed. You see, school will teach you to become a very good instrument for the great minds to control. Think of this, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbeg, Mark Cuban didn’t do well in school. Henry Ford never went to school so why should i believe that school will teach me how to become the worlds greatest.

I took the time to understand this system. You see, school will teach you all the definitions and functions and types but won’t show you how. A movement comes up, master minds dominate it and and others come in with the idea of an educational system (pay to learn). you’ll have to stay in class for three months to learn what you can learn on your own in few seconds.

I enjoy learning on my own. everything i know today, i read from a book or i heard it in a video or podcast. i tried out some online courses on social media marketing and i swear, i hated it.

I’m happy my dad thought of investing in my future by sending me to school. But i wish it was for something else. school is not bad, but its bad for me. I met people in school that changed my life, but we didn’t meet to improve our skills in class what so ever. My closest friend, current CEO and founder of Azel Media hardly attended class.

This post is driven to help you understand that your greatness is not defined by your straight A’s whats ¬†so ever. greatness is a state of the mind. If you don’t aspire to be great, you won’t be great.


  1. Rules
  2. More rules
  3. Extra rules
  4. A lot more rules
  5. And even more.

I can’t stand it. I’ve tried, and i suck at it. I created my own company because i needed the freedom to express myself and my creativity. I needed space from the suit and tie nonsense and I’m happy i have that freedom. I’m not trying to change your mind about school. If you wanna do something professional, feel free. As for me, I’m out.


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